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Why use a Personal Trainer?

Not sure if a PT is for you? See some common reasons people use a personal trainer below… 🤓
MOTIVATION – Do you want to be fitter and healthier, but struggle to find something you will actually commit to? Maybe you haven’t enjoyed exercising in the past or find yourself slipping in and out of routines. The good news is exercise is so incredibly diverse, there really is something for everyone! A good trainer will adapt each session to each clients’ abilities, preferences and goals – so you get the most out of your training both physically & mentally. My job, in part, is to inspire you even on your hardest days. Energy is infectious.
CONSISTENCY – It is key to getting the most benefits from your training. Having a scheduled appointment to exercise has been proven to improve adherence. This allows you to make training a part of your normal routine meaning you don’t have to keep on trying to make time for it. It also gives that extra bit of motivation on those days where we are feeling less than ourselves. Having a regular slot helps with commitment, but make no mistake… whether you’re training every day or once a week, you’ll never have the same session twice – that way you’ll also never know what’s coming!
TIME – Most of us lead busy lives & finding time to exercise can seem like a task in itself. However, I believe everyone can and should find the time to invest in their wellbeing. Exercise has many scientifically proven benefits both physically and mentally such as: fat loss, improved muscle tone, more efficient circulatory system, improved sleep quality, reduced stress/cortisol levels, increased metabolism, improved co-ordination, reduced risk of heart diseases/strokes, reduction in osteoarthritis symptoms and so much more. Everyone deserves at least an hour a week to commit to keeping themselves fit and healthy. I offer sessions in multiple locations, including home visits & online sessions, ranging from 30mins – 60mins per session.
LACK OF KNOWLEDGE – Not sure where to start? Not sure how to reach your goals? Not sure if you’re doing it right or concerned you might do more damage than good? Working with an experienced, knowledgeable trainer means your sessions will be appropriate for your ability and goals & gives you the reassurance to know you are exercising safely.
TRAINING EFFECTIVELY FOR YOUR GOALS – Whether it is weight loss, toning up, building muscle, rehab, getting in shape for an event, preparing for a race or competition or just generally improving your fitness! Working with a personal trainer who will tailor your sessions to make them most effective for you, means you get the most out of your exercise time. Giving you optimal training, for better results.
INJURIES / MEDICAL CONDITIONS – For those with niggles, old injuries or minor medical conditions. Providing your doctor is happy for you to start exercising, working with an experienced PT is a great way to get fit and strong, safely. Training appropriately and building a trusting relationship with yourself and your trainer means nothing should hold you back from your fitness goals.
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