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BODY REVIVAL FITNESS CLASS – Mum’s Only – Post-natal Friendly

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Body Revival is a small-group local exercise class, based in N20, specifically designed for mums!
Regular exercise is fundamental to our health and well-being. But, between physicalpsychological, and hormonal changes, as well as the time & energy demands of motherhood, exercising after having children can be a whole new challenge. Not only this but pregnancy & childbirth can cause all sorts of lasting changes (e.g. diastasis recti – abdominal separation, weak pelvic floor – incontinence etc…) that can make ‘regular’ exercise styles a no-go for some women. With so much to juggle and so few suitable options out there to help, it’s no wonder so many mums feel unsatisfied with their fitness/figures but struggle to do anything about it.
The good news is you can reclaim your body, strength, and fitness as a mum. Body Revival is here to help!
Led by experienced personal trainer and pre & post-natal specialist Tess,Body Revival Fitness Class aims to bring together like-minded women in the local community, to get fitter, healthier, and exercise in a way that is safe and effective for post-natal women. Just to clarify… whether you’re a first-time mum nurturing a newborn or a mother to 5 grown-up kids – once you’re post-natal, you’re technically always post-natal.
Location: Oakleigh Road North – N20 – London – Private fitness space
Prices: £10 per session PAYG
BODY REVIVAL is a women’s only, post-natal friendly exercise class that will:
– Help re-strengthen your core & pelvic floor muscles often weakened during pregnancy/childbirth
– Help lose post-pregnancy baby weight and tone up your body
– Build up your muscular strength, endurance and improve your cardiovascular fitness (& help you keep up with your kids!)
– Improve your mental health and wellbeing
– Help rebalance your hormones, improve sleep quality, increase metabolism & energy levels
– Give you that much needed you-time, to do something good for yourself
– Bring you together with other local women with similar goals
– & So much more
There are so many more benefits to training and post-natal exercise. Check out the TRAIN WITH TESS website blog section or get in touch for more!
Looking forward to seeing you at BODY REVIVAL soon