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Small Group Exercise Class – Special Offer!

Hello Lovelies,

Just a reminder about my brand new exercise class, launching soon to lucky North London Locals!

BODY REVIVAL fitness class is specifically designed to be precise, post-natal safe & specific, and of course effective!

To gain a special discount on your first 3 sessions & find out more – just click the link below.

🔗  https://forms.gle/JSUomXr1DaAU2rhm7

Hope to see you all there!









Love Tess

Train with Tess

BODY REVIVAL FITNESS CLASS – Mum’s Only – Post-natal Friendly

Register your interest for “Body Revival Fitness” – NEW exercise class coming autumn 2023

– Please complete this short form https://forms.gle/JSUomXr1DaAU2rhm7 and receive an exclusive deal for your first 3 classes as a thank you!

– Help us help you – your answers will be used to tailor the classes to suit your schedule & requirements.

– Help us get back in touch. No spam! Just a one-time-only message to let you know when the BODY REVIVAL FITNESS CLASS is starting. This will give you all the information you need about the class, and allow us to send you your exclusive early-bird discount code.

Body Revival is a small-group local exercise class, based in N20, specifically designed for mums!
Regular exercise is fundamental to our health and well-being. But, between physicalpsychological, and hormonal changes, as well as the time & energy demands of motherhood, exercising after having children can be a whole new challenge. Not only this but pregnancy & childbirth can cause all sorts of lasting changes (e.g. diastasis recti – abdominal separation, weak pelvic floor – incontinence etc…) that can make ‘regular’ exercise styles a no-go for some women. With so much to juggle and so few suitable options out there to help, it’s no wonder so many mums feel unsatisfied with their fitness/figures but struggle to do anything about it.
The good news is you can reclaim your body, strength, and fitness as a mum. Body Revival is here to help!
Led by experienced personal trainer and pre & post-natal specialist Tess,Body Revival Fitness Class aims to bring together like-minded women in the local community, to get fitter, healthier, and exercise in a way that is safe and effective for post-natal women. Just to clarify… whether you’re a first-time mum nurturing a newborn or a mother to 5 grown-up kids – once you’re post-natal, you’re technically always post-natal.
Location: Oakleigh Road North – N20 – London – Private fitness space
Prices: £10 per session PAYG
BODY REVIVAL is a women’s only, post-natal friendly exercise class that will:
– Help re-strengthen your core & pelvic floor muscles often weakened during pregnancy/childbirth
– Help lose post-pregnancy baby weight and tone up your body
– Build up your muscular strength, endurance and improve your cardiovascular fitness (& help you keep up with your kids!)
– Improve your mental health and wellbeing
– Help rebalance your hormones, improve sleep quality, increase metabolism & energy levels
– Give you that much needed you-time, to do something good for yourself
– Bring you together with other local women with similar goals
– & So much more
There are so many more benefits to training and post-natal exercise. Check out the TRAIN WITH TESS website blog section or get in touch for more!
Looking forward to seeing you at BODY REVIVAL soon


Calling North London Mummas to… BODY REVIVAL FITNESS
Why join?
Get Expert Help: Guided by personal trainer and post-natal specialist Tess, our class is specifically designed with mums in mind for safe and effective exercise & no more excuses!
Restrengthen and Energise: Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to renewed energy with our tailored, invigorating workouts.
Connect and Unwind: Connect with like-minded mums in your local community, whilst working on your fitness goals and improving your mental health.
Time Effective: We know #mumlife is busy! Body Revival is just 30 minutes long so you can get that all-important you-time, and still be a mum.
We to hear from you to help us schedule class at the best times for you.
Please click the link below to register your interest, find out more & receive a discount!
Thanks & we look forward to seeing you soon at Body Revival N20

GIFT – Personal Training Vouchers


So I might be a little biased, but I don’t believe there is anyone who would not benefit from working with a good personal trainer!

Whether it’s a colleague, family member, partner, friend, or even an exercise-phobic enemy (joking?!), a gift voucher for personal training sessions makes a fantastic and unique present. 🎁

Here’s why:

  • Fully personalised experience focussed on ‘you’ (the voucher recipient) and your specific requirements, goals, preferences, and abilities.
  • Sessions are tailored to optimise your training – so you get the most out of your time!
    • No matter how experienced you are ( or aren’t!) in the fitness world – there is always something new to learn. Be it knowledge, physical assistance, advice, motivation, new approaches and more, the beauty of PT is it has something to offer everyone!
      -Improve mental health, focus, and memory ☑️
      – Boost endorphins – improve mood, reduce depression & anxiety ☑️
      – Improve sleep quality ☑️ Boost metabolism ☑️
      -Help improve vitality & fertility ☑️ Help regulate hormones ☑️-Learn valuable take-away knowledge on health and fitness ☑️
      -Improve your physical well-being:
      Muscular strength ☑️ Muscular endurance ☑️ Co-ordination ☑️ Balance ☑️ Agility ☑️ Power ☑️ Cardiovascular health ☑️ Reduce excess body fat ☑️ Increase muscle tone ☑️ Improve posture ☑️ Re-balance your body ☑️ Strengthen your core ☑️– Reduce your risk of some of the biggest health concerns including heart disease and cancers. ☑️

AND the list goes on!

Get in touch today to find out more about gift vouchers and personal training.


Lots of Love


Train with Tess 

Post-Natal Training – What’s it all about?

Post Natal Training

First things first…When can I start post-natal training?

For the first few weeks post-partum, you should allow your body to rest and recover (as much as you can whilst looking after a newborn!). Unless otherwise advised by your healthcare professional, exercise should be kept to pelvic floor exercises (which can be started from day 1) and gentle movements like walking. Before starting any training regime, it is important you first check with your doctor/midwife. In most cases, women who have had a natural birth can start formal exercise from 6 weeks postpartum and those who have had caesarean sections, after 8 weeks.

Returning to exercise after having a baby can be daunting. Lack of time and sleep aside, our postpartum bodies can feel weak and unfamiliar. Luckily post-natal training can be hugely beneficial in your postpartum journey; supporting and promoting your body’s mental and physical recovery as well as providing many benefits for both new mother and baby. You’ll find some of these below.

As with antenatal exercise, post-natal women have unique needs and considerations, which often require specific modifications to mainstream exercises. That is why it is important you work with a post-natal exercise specialist. Their expertise can safely and effectively guide you through specifically tailored exercises, with a particular focus on strengthening your pelvic floor, rebuilding your core strength, and addressing diastasis recti and other pregnancy-caused weaknesses. A specialist trainer will also be able to provide advice, support, and that all important motivation.



Exercising after having a baby has both physical and psychological benefits. Focussed training helps to rebuild strength and endurance post-pregnancy, with a particular focus on the core and pelvic floor. It can help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. It can also improve posture, reduce back pain, and promote healthy weight loss. Psychologically, exercise can improve self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mood. It can also provide a sense of accomplishment and a break from the demands of motherhood. Regular exercise can also positively impact the baby’s development by reducing stress levels and improving sleep patterns. Your children are also more likely to lead healthy lifestyles if they are following a good example. Being the best parent starts with being the best you.

Overall, exercising after having a baby is an essential component of post-natal care, helping mothers through the initial aftermath of having a baby, to recovery, and beyond.


If you are planning on exercising during or after your pregnancy, it is important to be aware of what is going on inside your body and how your training should be adapted accordingly. Some changes might be obvious, however, there are many less obvious adaptations that you may not be aware of. It is important that you understand and respect the changes your body is going through. Working with a pre and post-natal specialist personal trainer ensures your pre/post-natal training is safe and suitable as well as effective!


Get in touch for more.


Pre-natal Personal Training – Why you should consider it

Pre Natal Training
Being pregnant doesn’t have to mean you stop exercising! In fact, training during pregnancy provides many benefits for both the expectant mother and growing baby. Keep yourself and your baby fit, strong and healthy during your pregnancy. Better prepare your body for labour and birth. Help speed up your post-partum recovery. Of course, with so many changes occurring inside and outside of the body, it is important to work with a pre & post-natal exercise specialist who will adapt your sessions to safely support each step of your pregnancy.

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Personal training with a pre-natal specialist ensures you are in caring and capable hands.

Some of the many benefits of antenatal training are: Improving the mother’s physical and mental health by reducing stress, improving sleep quality, reducing the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension, and boosting overall energy levels. Exercise also helps to prepare the body for labour and delivery by strengthening the muscles needed for childbirth.

Furthermore, studies show that babies of active mothers are more likely to have a healthier birth weight, lower fat mass, and improved cognitive function compared to babies born to inactive mothers. It is for these reasons and more that antenatal training helps make for your best possible pregnancy, and start for your little one.

However, it is important to know that exercising during pregnancy should be done safely and with proper guidance. This is where a pre-natal exercise professional comes in. Trained to help pregnant women exercise safely and effectively, while considering the unique needs and changes of pregnancy, they can help modify exercises to accommodate a growing belly, prevent injury, and provide support and motivation throughout the process. By working with a pre-natal exercise professional, you can safely enjoy the many benefits of exercise for both yourself and your developing baby.

If you are planning on exercising during or after your pregnancy, it is important to be aware of what is going on inside your body and how your training should be adapted accordingly. Some changes might be obvious, however, there are many less obvious adaptations that you may not be aware of. It is important that you understand and respect the changes your body is going through. Working with a pre and post-natal specialist personal trainer ensures your pre/post-natal training is safe and suitable as well as effective!


Get in touch today for more.


Happy new year beautiful people and welcome 2023…How did that happen?!

As we say goodbye to 2022, many of us will also be saying hello to a new years’ resolution. Whilst I am not a fan of cliches’, I am an advocate for positive change and so, if January gives you the motivation for self-improvement then I wish you every success in your goals.

It is no secret that health and fitness-related resolutions are a popular choice. Maybe even more so since the pandemic and the ongoing changes since. If you have ever been a regular gym-goer, you will know that January brings around a plethora of new faces. You will also know that almost all of these newbies will have disappeared by the time spring rolls in. Similarly, most NY resolutions are quick to become dreams rather than goals, even when they are started with the best intentions. No shade-throwing here! Just stating the facts. Why? Changing a habit, creating a new routine, or starting something new is not easy. But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. With the right approach and mindset, you’ll have all the tools you need to make 2023, and every year thereafter, one where you accomplish your goals and more. Here are 5 simple rules to help:


  1. Keep it simple and realistic. Sure, you might want to get a pay rise, spend more time with the family, get fit, eat more healthily, walk more, TV less, drink less alcohol and more water… but you’re only human. Biting off more than you can chew is going to leave you feeling overwhelmed. It is great to aspire to these improvements but, in order to succeed, you want to set smaller more obtainable goals to move you towards those bigger goals – one step at a time.
    For example – if you had all of the goals above you might decide to make one small change every week. Week 1 – you swap 1 hour of your usual “TV time” for family time (You could even go for a walk together for some exercise #birdsandstones). Week 2, continuing on with your week 1 change, you dedicate 1 hour to your health/fitness – this could be going to the gym, going for a jog, walking the dog, meal prepping some healthy food for the week, or meditating. Slowly you will be building up your good habits into a new routine in a manageable way.
  2. Make it personal and poignant. It is easy to pick something generic, perhaps because there are many things you want to work on. More common still to choose something you feel you should be doing rather than something that feels important to you. Without a genuine personal desire to reach your goals, your willpower is likely to waiver at the first sign of struggle. If/ or when the going gets tough, you’re going to need to remember what you want, why you want it and how you’re going to get there to keep you on track. #yougotthis
  3. Don’t fall into the “diet start on a Monday” trap! NY resolutions have a tendency to start and end under this philosophy. Let me explain… You want to go on a diet/go to the gym/’insert goal here’. Being human, we like order. We like to start things at a time we associate with a beginning. This makes Monday the king of days. January the king of Months. The 1st the king of dates and so on… So Monday comes – your diet starts. At some point during the week, as is inevitable, you break your diet #whoboughtthebiscuits #itstartedwithone.  Instead of accepting your indulgence, letting it go, and continuing with your diet as planned. That blip brings around the ‘Now I’ve messed up I might as well enjoy myself for the rest of the day and start again tomorrow…’ mindset. If every time you stray off course, you start over. You’re going to get into an endless loop that is not only going to take more and more motivation to keep going but is not going to bring you the results you are looking for. Instead, when you have decided on your goals, use that motivation to make that the start. After all, there is no time like the present. When you hit a hurdle in your plan, try not to allow it to throw your mindset off course. Instead, remember your goals, and accept that there are going to be ups and downs, and that is part of the journey. The occasional faux pas is not going to derail your overall success unless you allow it to get into your head. Diets can start on any day 😉
  4. Spread the word. This doesn’t mean you have to shout your goals from the rooftops or tell everyone you know. (Although if this floats your boat then don’t hold back!) But rather, spreading the word is about committing to your goal in the real world. Thinking something in your head can be very different from saying it out loud. Ever had the perfect conversation in your head only to find your words fail you when you come to have it in person? The spoken word is a powerful tool. Use it. It’s great to talk to your nearest and dearest as they can often offer extra motivation and support. But, if you don’t want to share it with friends/family/colleagues etc… there are many other outlets that can give you support and encouragement. E.g. online forums for people with the same/similar goals, local support groups, posting online… #sharingiscaring
  5. Attitude trumps action. When we set a goal, we are really striving for a change in our current actions. For instance if your goal is a healthier diet, your required actions might be; replacing processed food with fresh whole foods, increasing water intake and reducing alcohol, grilling food instead of frying it. Or say your goal is to run a 10k – your actions would be to start running, slowly increasing your frequency and distance until you reach 10k. The fact is, most of us know the actions we need to take in order to achieve our goals, so why do so many of us struggle to execute them? Attitude! Attitude is the driving force behind your actions. Knowing HOW to do something doesn’t mean you will do it. So, whilst it is important to know what steps you need to take, the thing that is going to get you there is attitude. Your thoughts are your reality – your mindset has a huge impact on how you behave. Use that to your advantage. Instead of focussing on the actions you need to take, think about WHY you set that goal in the first place. Imagine yourself having achieved that goal. How does it feel? Giving your attention to all the positives you’ll get from making these changes is going to give you the power, incentive and motivation to put those actions into place! #mindmatters #attitudeoveraction #positivethoughts


Hopefully, you’re more motivated than ever to smash your 2023 goals. Whatever you are hoping to achieve this year, I wish you every success. May 2023 be full of love, laughter, health and happiness.


Until next time






NEW One-off Pre-natal consultations – Your pregnancy guide



Pre-natal consultation


Pregnant women/women planning a pregnancy. Particularly important information for first-time mothers. Useful for second+ pregnancies as every pregnancy is different! You might be surprised at how much you didn’t realise you didn’t know.


The service offers a private 1-1 meeting with a Pre & Post-natal specialist.  The aim is to give you the knowledge and understanding to best prepare you for all stages of pregnancy, guiding you through the safest, healthiest, and most enjoyable pregnancy possible. The consultation will also help you prepare for your birthing and post-natal experience.

The consultation includes the following:

  • Pregnancy overview – Discover what is happening behind the scenes during each stage of pregnancy including what changes your body will be making, why and what these adaptations mean for you.
  • Nutrition do’s & dont’s – Learn what you should try to eat and avoid when pregnant (includes take-home information to look back on #pregnancybrainproblems)
  • Exercise during pregnancy – what you can and can’t do. What is recommended and why, including core and pelvic floor work. (includes take-home information with some simple, pregnancy-safe exercises)
  • Common pregnancy complaints, why they happen and how you can help alleviate symptoms – e.g. sickness, fatigue, aches and pains, sciatic pain, pelvic pain, lower back ache, carpal tunnel syndrome etc…
  • Tips and tricks – from sleeping, bras, hormones, phthalates, to hospital bags and hair dye – we will cover some of the lesser-known pregnancy topics.
  • Q & A – your chance to voice any concerns and ask any questions you might have.



Pre-natal consultations cost £125








Train with Tess






Is a personal trainer right for me?

Want to know whether personal training is right for you?
In short... Yes! 

  • Motivation - helping you get started/keep going/stay focussed/push yourself/stay committed/inspiring and energising you
  • Attention to form - ensuring you are doing everything safely and correctly/having someone's eyes in places you can't - even if you are a pro!
  • Tailored sessions - exercise to suit you; your goals, your schedule, your preferences. Make your exercise time-efficient and effective.
  • Professional knowledge & advice - learn about your body and how it works, get nutritional guidance, ongoing help and support, injury prevention and/or rehabilitation
  • Structured progress - appropriately adapting your workouts to keep you progressing, keeping your sessions interesting and enjoyable, as well as effective.
  • 1-1 attention - Whether it is to advise you, teach you, support you, push you, or any of the many benefits of personal training, the trainer/client relationship is a unique blend of service and comradery. Your trainer is there to focus 100% on you and your goals.
  • Results! - get the most from your exercise time. Personal training can be just as useful and effective for people who know what they are doing, as it is for an exercise beginner!

Why not give it a try with a special offer for 20% off  a 3 x session package for new customers! 

Back to school … Time to train!

And just like that… summer holidays are nearly over!

As the children return to school, in real life this time! Life can go back into bit more of a routine. With most of us keeping our health in mind now more than ever, why not use this opportunity to start exercising?

Personal training is proven to be an effective way to not only get the fitness results you want to see, but also help with motivation and adherence to exercise.

Get in touch for a chat and find out more…

Speak soon

Tess x