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Is a personal trainer right for me?

Want to know whether personal training is right for you?
In short... Yes! 

  • Motivation - helping you get started/keep going/stay focussed/push yourself/stay committed/inspiring and energising you
  • Attention to form - ensuring you are doing everything safely and correctly/having someone's eyes in places you can't - even if you are a pro!
  • Tailored sessions - exercise to suit you; your goals, your schedule, your preferences. Make your exercise time-efficient and effective.
  • Professional knowledge & advice - learn about your body and how it works, get nutritional guidance, ongoing help and support, injury prevention and/or rehabilitation
  • Structured progress - appropriately adapting your workouts to keep you progressing, keeping your sessions interesting and enjoyable, as well as effective.
  • 1-1 attention - Whether it is to advise you, teach you, support you, push you, or any of the many benefits of personal training, the trainer/client relationship is a unique blend of service and comradery. Your trainer is there to focus 100% on you and your goals.
  • Results! - get the most from your exercise time. Personal training can be just as useful and effective for people who know what they are doing, as it is for an exercise beginner!

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