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Welcome to Train with Tess

Hi There and Welcome to Train with Tess!

I’m Tess, an experienced Personal Trainer based in and around North London. I am very lucky to have a vocation that I am not only passionate about, but also one with SO much information (and mis-information!) to share and discuss. In my coming posts I will be sharing advice and information on all kind of things fitness related so stay tuned… But before we get into the nitty gritty, I thought I would share 10 random facts so you can get to know me a bit better!

Before I was a PT full time, I worked as an Event Manager organising all kinds of events all over the world.
I once did a skydive from 13,000ft for charity.
My favourite academic subject at school was Biology – because appreciating just how complex your body is and understanding how it works is incredible!
2 Other members of my immediate family are also Personal Trainers!
I have walked along the longest suspension bridge in the Indian Ocean.
I accidentally fell off a treadmill once when trying to turn around and look at something…
My flexibility is better now than it ever was as a child or teenager!
I always wanted a dog who would pretend to die if you pretended to shoot them (Toy Story has a lot to answer for)… I am pleased to say I now have a dog who does this. Life Goals!
I am always unnecessarily cold… and have been known to train in a coat!
My favourite: Number is 2. Colour is yellow. Chocolate is Dairy milk or Milky bar.

Personal training to me is more than just getting you to your fitness & body goals. It is about using my knowledge to help you become a master of your own body. It is using creativity, keeping sessions interesting and challenging to help you build a lasting relationship with fitness. It is using my passion to motivate you even on the hardest of days. I love watching my clients transform as they enjoy the many benefits of exercise – not just the physical! I work with male & female clients of all ages and abilities. 30min – 60min sessions in a private studio gym/mobile training. Specialising in fat loss, body sculpting, goal training & pre and post-natal training – Get in touch today to find out more and start your journey to a healthier self.

Your body is the only thing you have to live in – look after it!