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Saw and felt results after just a few weeks – definitely recommend!

Tess is a great personal trainer – she patient and yet challenges you and every week has a different programme planned so exercise never gets boring! Saw and felt results after just a few weeks – definitely recommend!

I would definitely recommend her!

“I found Tess after I had been running for a couple of year’s & knew I needed to add something else to my fitness regime to help improve my performance. That was 2 years ago & I’ve gone from 5ks to marathons & Spartan races! Tess has helped me with both training but also with really good advice for every crazy goal & idea I have come up with! I look forward to our sessions because they never get boring! From day one Tess was very easy to get along with, she knows just how much to push me & when to tell me to slow down. I would definitely recommend her!”

Her sessions are engaging and creative

“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Tess for over 2 years now. Her bubbly personality and positivity creates a great energy in the studio. Her sessions are engaging and creative and she is able to adapt to get the most out of each client. As a PT myself, it is refreshing to see a trainer who knows their stuff and is able to teach the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’! I have even recommend Tess as a pre and post-natal specialist to clients of mine who have then started a family.”

Tess is by far the best

“I have had numerous personal trainers over the years, but Tess is by far the best, and the fact that I have been going to her regularly for nearly 2 years now means that I am motivated and seeing results. I have never felt fitter, stronger or more toned; our sessions are challenging but rewarding, and my progress gives me the motivation to push myself each time.”

Highly recommend!!

After finally deciding it was time to get fitter I reached out to Tess. We have been training for over a year now and I am delighted with the results, but more importantly have gone from dreading the thought of exercising to loving every session! Would recommend to all and any!

Great Personal Trainer!

Tess is super friendly and extremely knowledgable. Our sessions are always fun and enjoyable and in a matter of weeks the results are clearly noticeable! She knows how to push you and get the most out of each session. It has been a massive confidence boost for me personally and would recommend her highly!

Thank you!

After many years of fearing personal trainers but knowing I needed help with my fitness goals I decided to bite the bullet and get a personal trainer and I’m so glad I did!

I have trained with Tess twice a week for around 6 months now and not only have I lost weight but I feel so much better. Tess is knowledgable with training, diet and nutrition too so having her there has kept me on track with my goals.

Tess is so friendly and not intimidating as I have experienced with some PT’s. Really recommend, especially those who need a little help with fitness and confidence.

Tess is amazing

Tess has been training my teenage daughter for some time now and she has been amazing. She gives her confidence and reassurance. She is an amazing PT!