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NEW One-off Pre-natal consultations – Your pregnancy guide



Pre-natal consultation


Pregnant women/women planning a pregnancy. Particularly important information for first-time mothers. Useful for second+ pregnancies as every pregnancy is different! You might be surprised at how much you didn’t realise you didn’t know.


The service offers a private 1-1 meeting with a Pre & Post-natal specialist.  The aim is to give you the knowledge and understanding to best prepare you for all stages of pregnancy, guiding you through the safest, healthiest, and most enjoyable pregnancy possible. The consultation will also help you prepare for your birthing and post-natal experience.

The consultation includes the following:

  • Pregnancy overview – Discover what is happening behind the scenes during each stage of pregnancy including what changes your body will be making, why and what these adaptations mean for you.
  • Nutrition do’s & dont’s – Learn what you should try to eat and avoid when pregnant (includes take-home information to look back on #pregnancybrainproblems)
  • Exercise during pregnancy – what you can and can’t do. What is recommended and why, including core and pelvic floor work. (includes take-home information with some simple, pregnancy-safe exercises)
  • Common pregnancy complaints, why they happen and how you can help alleviate symptoms – e.g. sickness, fatigue, aches and pains, sciatic pain, pelvic pain, lower back ache, carpal tunnel syndrome etc…
  • Tips and tricks – from sleeping, bras, hormones, phthalates, to hospital bags and hair dye – we will cover some of the lesser-known pregnancy topics.
  • Q & A – your chance to voice any concerns and ask any questions you might have.



Pre-natal consultations cost £125








Train with Tess






Is a personal trainer right for me?

Want to know whether personal training is right for you?
In short... Yes! 

  • Motivation - helping you get started/keep going/stay focussed/push yourself/stay committed/inspiring and energising you
  • Attention to form - ensuring you are doing everything safely and correctly/having someone's eyes in places you can't - even if you are a pro!
  • Tailored sessions - exercise to suit you; your goals, your schedule, your preferences. Make your exercise time-efficient and effective.
  • Professional knowledge & advice - learn about your body and how it works, get nutritional guidance, ongoing help and support, injury prevention and/or rehabilitation
  • Structured progress - appropriately adapting your workouts to keep you progressing, keeping your sessions interesting and enjoyable, as well as effective.
  • 1-1 attention - Whether it is to advise you, teach you, support you, push you, or any of the many benefits of personal training, the trainer/client relationship is a unique blend of service and comradery. Your trainer is there to focus 100% on you and your goals.
  • Results! - get the most from your exercise time. Personal training can be just as useful and effective for people who know what they are doing, as it is for an exercise beginner!

Why not give it a try with a special offer for 20% off  a 3 x session package for new customers! 

Back to school … Time to train!

And just like that… summer holidays are nearly over!

As the children return to school, in real life this time! Life can go back into bit more of a routine. With most of us keeping our health in mind now more than ever, why not use this opportunity to start exercising?

Personal training is proven to be an effective way to not only get the fitness results you want to see, but also help with motivation and adherence to exercise.

Get in touch for a chat and find out more…

Speak soon

Tess x

PRE-NATAL TRAINING – The how, what & why?!


  • 1-1 sessions with a pre-natal specialist to help guide you through your pregnancy


  • Pre-natal PT is suitable for women in all stages of pregnancy (subject to medical conditions)
  • For most women,it is completely safe for mother and baby (and even recommended!) to exercise during pregnancy. However, before starting any training, you will need to check with your doctor/midwife in case of any contraindications to exercise.


  • Help avoid excess weight gain which can lead to a high-risk pregnancy as well as increasing your unborn child’s risk of adult obesity
  • Reduce your risk of gestational diabetes
  • Boost your immune system and so reducing the chance of illness, for a safer and happier pregnancy (remember you are unable to take MOST mainstream medication when pregnant!)
  • Help reduce and manage unpleasant pre-natal symptoms such as morning sickness and water retention
  • Improve your mood, release positive endorphins and reduce depression and anxiety both during and post-pregnancy
  • Improve sleep quality and energy levels
  • Be more physically comfortable, able and reduce your risk of injury
  • Help reduce your likelihood of pregnancy-related medical issues such as lordosis, back pain, pelvic pain, abdominal separation AND help speed up your post-partum recovery


Aside from the numerous benefits we can all get from regular exercise (which still apply if you are pregnant!) Pre-natal training is also beneficial to:


  • Prepare your body for the demands of pregnancy & labor (core strength, pelvic floor, pregnancy posture, as well as muscular strength and endurance)
  • Get tailored 1-1 exercise sessions with a pre & post-natal specialist ensuring suitable and safe training for you and your bump!
  • Get informed about what is going on in your body throughout your pregnancy: Physical changes, hormones, what to expect and when? What does this mean for you? Empower yourself with the knowledge to have your best possible pregnancy
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts when it comes to exercise and nutrition during pregnancy
  • Help manage weight gain, symptoms & reduce the likelihood of pregnancy-related medical issues


Contact Tess at: personaltrainingtess@gmail.com
By phone/message: 07463610016

Mobile, private & studio based pre and post-natal personal training in North London



The NHS guidelines for 19-64 year olds is “at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity… or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity a week”.💪

From reducing your risk of multiple diseases (including heart disease and some cancers, both of which are in the UK top 3 causes of death!), increasing your life span, improving your fitness (not just cardio or strength, but co-ordination, endurance, flexibility etc…) To the psychological benefits such as reducing depression and increasing confidence. A small amount of exercise can go a long way. There are benefits you might not even be aware of such as help regulating hormones and metabolism, increasing fertility, reducing fatigue, and reducing pain/discomfort. Not convinced? Send me a message to find out more…😎

Exercise comes in all shapes and sizes. There really is something for everyone – you might just not have found your thing yet. A good personal trainer will find the best exercise fit for you – where ever you fall on the fitness scale.🧘


Stay healthy. Big Love. Tx

Welcome back, world! 🌎

It’s been a LONG year. I’ll leave that there… But here we are and there is light on the horizon!

Let’s make up for lost time and come back, better, stronger and healthier than ever.

Get in touch for help getting started.


Lots of love and healthy wishes




2021… Get Fit, Stay Healthy!

Happy new year everyone! 🥳

Here we are, welcoming in 2021 in a way I am sure none of us thought we would! After what has been a particularly challenging year for many of us, I would like to wish you all a very healthy, happy, and successful year ahead. 🙌

I would love for this to be your fittest, healthiest year yet… I also know that with everything going on, it might feel harder than ever to achieve your fitness goals: COVID restrictions, limited access to equipment/environment/know-how, even the weather! However, it may also never have been so important to focus on your health.

FEAR NOT! 🦸‍♀️ Help is at hand…

How can Personal Training help me? 

  • Motivation – to get started, to exercise, to progress, to stick to it (and maybe even learn to love it😉)
  • Commitment – pre-booking sessions & having an actual appointment to train, can make all the difference to those of you who find themselves struggling to keep up the good habits!
  • Expertise – what to do, how to do it, safely, effectively, with a professional
  • It’s Personal – that means each session is tailored to your needs, your abilities, and your goals, with you in mind all the way. There is no one-size-fits-all with exercise. It’s like the difference between a dress/suit off the rails & a tailor made one…
  • Flexible to suit your needs – With early, lunchtime, after work & weekend sessions available, it is easy to find a time that suits you. 30 minute & 60 minute sessions. Single or pair sessions. Online, outdoors & studio sessions. There is an option to suit everyone. 💪

Whether you are new to fitness, looking to try something new, struggling with motivation or knowledge, looking to reach a fitness goal, or in need of some exercise options with all of the current restrictions(!) Personal training is an investment in yourself, your health & your future you.🏋️‍♀️

Get in touch now for more information.🤳


Stay safe!

Tess x

PREGNANCY & THE PANDEMIC – Pre & post natal care

To all you mummas who had to go to appointments & scans on your own due to covid. Who went into labor and had to stay in hospital alone before they were allowed company. Who haven’t been able to see friends and family or introduce their new arrivals in the usual way. Who might not have had the amount of support every new parent needs, due to the restrictions. Just know how truly strong, brave & amazing you are! 🙌 This year might not have gone exactly to plan but that doesn’t take anything away from the blessings of your new arrival. 👶
Growing another being inside of your own is incredible! Your body adapts in so many ways to accommodate and support your pregnancy, birth & recovery. Many of us don’t know what’s actually happening inside of our bodies throughout pregnancy. We notice our symptoms and see the physical changes, but how many of you know why these are happening? Or how our body then heals and recovers post-partum?
Understanding exactly how, when, and why your body is changing, is not only reassuring (when, yes that does happen to everyone!) but gives you the power to use that knowledge, to have your best possible prenatal and antenatal experience.
Being a pre and post-natal specialist is more than just helping women exercise before and after having a baby. It is about providing knowledge and support for your all-round well-being. That’s help with managing symptoms, what to/what not to eat and drink, exercise, cores & pelvic floors, do’s and don’ts, tips and advice, what you can be doing to help yourself and your baby along the way & so much more.
Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more about Prenatal or Antenatal personal training. Feel free to share with new mums who might need to hear they are doing a great job.


Hey hey,

It’s been a while! I hope everyone is keeping as well as possible in this pandemic and all that comes with it. Sending you all healthy, happy vibes.

Wow… what a year 2020 has been …so far *gulp* 

With all the changes, many of us are moving less than usual. You might have found yourself eating and/or drinking more out of boredom or stress. Some of us are struggling to feel motivated or struggling to be consistent. IT’S HARD. But with health at the forefront of a lot more of our minds at the moment, I wanted to put together some simple tips to help you all keep fit and healthy in these challenging times.

Here is a little snippet of that, with more to follow soon.

Stay safe. 

We throw a lot of excuses in the way of exercise and I GET IT. During this pandemic many have; lost their daily commute, swapped going shopping for online orders, gyms have been closed, classes cancelled, kids are at home, schedules have gone out the window… Whilst some of us have more time, motivation can be hard, with limited space and/or equipment But the truth is, all of us HAVE time to exercise, we just don’t always choose to make it!
We often hear about the physical benefits of exercise – better body composition, improved cardiovascular fitness, improved immune system, stronger bones and muscles, greater coordination & control to name just a few. We hear less frequently about cognitive and chemical benefits to exercise. Things like more balanced hormones, improved memory and concentration, improved mood, reduced fatigue, reduced stress, depression and anxiety. 
We are designed with the ability to move for a reason! Be aware if you are moving less, you might need to adapt your diet to accommodate this and avoid excess weight gain. Try and create excuses to move, even if it is just in your home. Exercise comes in all shapes and sizes and every little helps. Walk. Cycle. Set yourself a daily 1 minute challenge. Exercise isn’t always about ‘getting in shape’, it is about taking care of yourself. Keep yourself fit and healthy, your immune system strong and your mind happy and clear.
This body is the only one you are going to get, take care of it! 
Want to know more about the benefits of exercise? Need some motivation? Not sure how to start or what to do? Questions? Drop me a message.
BIG love
Tess x

FAQ’S Training during Pregnancy – Pre natal Q&A

Hi Everyone 🙋‍♀️

As you may have guessed, I am a huge advocate of regular exercise during pregnancy. Both in my work as an exercise professional and from my personal experience speaking woman-to-woman, I’ve been shocked and appalled at how little information there is provided to women, in regards to prenatal training.🤰 Not only this, but we see society question and sometimes even scorn women who are seen to be exercising when visibly pregnant! It is important to be aware of how incredibly beneficial exercise can be to both mother and baby. It’s also no wonder I am asked a lot of questions by my existing and prospective prenatal clients!

Please see below some of the most common questions about prenatal personal training & my responses for your information.





Yes! For most people it is perfectly safe to exercise during your pregnancy, providing you make the appropriate adaptations. Before you start training you need to speak to doctor, who will advise you if it is not safe to do so for any reason. To keep yourself and your baby safe and healthy, it is important you make sure you understand the do’s and don’ts of exercise during pregnancy. Get in touch to find out more.


Yes! Exercising appropriately is perfectly safe for your baby. As well as keeping you fit and healthy, exercise has also been shown to have health benefits for your baby. E.g. promoting a healthy birth weight – linked to a reduced risk of obesity in later life, lowering babies resting heart rate and improving heart rate variability – associated with improved nervous system control. As a pre and post-natal specialist, I will guide you through how to safely and effectively train throughout the different stages of your pregnancy.


Yes. There are a couple of things you should actually avoid completely whilst training pregnant. For example, after your first trimester you should avoid exercising in the supine position (lying flat on your back) as this can increase the risk of supine hypotensive syndrome. It is certainly important to be aware of the changes occurring in your body throughout your pregnancy and how this might affect you exercising. Exercises to avoid/adapt will vary person to person, pregnancy to pregnancy, depending on your specific symptoms. An experienced pre and post-natal personal trainer will effectively adapt your training to keep you and your baby safe, healthy and strong, throughout your pregnancy and beyond.


Pregnancy is an incredible journey. Part of this required your body to undergo a lot of changes! The fitter and healthier you are, the better your body is able to adapt to these demands. Training during your pregnancy and beyond, has been shown to improve pregnancy symptoms, labor & recovery. There are SO many ways exercise can benefit mother and baby. See below a list of just a few of these and get in touch for more.

– Improves/maintains fitness, muscle strength and tone

– Helps maintain healthy pregnancy weight for mother and birth weight for baby

– Strengthens core muscles and pelvic floor muscles for carrying and delivering your baby

– Focusing on postural muscles can help prevent common pregnancy symptoms like lordosis

– Helps reduce other pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, sleep quality, physical discomfort due to tight/weakened muscles etc…

– Women who exercise when pregnant have been shown to have reduced labor time and quicker recovery post birth

– Helps prevent unpleasant post-partum symptoms such as incontinence, prolapse etc…

– Helps aid and speed up your body’s transition back to its post-pregnancy state


As a pre & post-natal personal training specialist, my aim is to help you gain all the amazing benefits that come from exercising throughout your journey into motherhood.